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6 June 2018
Brussel, Belgium
Matchmaking event infectious diseases 2018

Research and innovation on monitoring and control of infectious diseases (One Health)

Find the appropriate partners to realize your research objectives
STAR-IDAZ.be, the representation of Belgium in STAR-IDAZ IRC, together with Flanders Vaccine and Enterprise Europe Network Vlaanderen join forces to organize an event to stimulate collaboration between researchers in the field of monitoring and control of infectious diseases (One Health approach). This matchmaking event will offer participants the opportunity to expand their network, find potential collaboration partners with the right expertise, and establish new project consortia.

The event, will thus be dedicated to consortium building. The main part of the event will comprise bilateral meetings between people interested in collaborative projects on the topics listed in the tab Focus. Following successful registration for the event, participants shall be able to pre-arrange these bilateral meetings by means of a user-friendly online matchmaking tool based on the profiles and research interests they introduced in this tool.

We will also provide a selected number of researchers and entrepreneurs with a platform to present their project ideas in 5 minute presentations.


  • Information will be provided on research gaps and priorities in the field of infectious diseases.
  • Researchers and entrepreneurs are invited to present their project ideas in 'pitch presentations' which should preferably be made by prospective project coordinators.
  • Bilateral/one-to-one meetings

Key reasons to participate

Innovation depends more and more on intensive interactions between professionals from different disciplines and background. 

  • The event targets a wide spectrum of companies, universities, government organisations and NGOs, and others involved in research, from different EU-member states, interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration partners.
  • You will be offered a unique opportunity:
    • to meet your peers in other organizations (public and private) and start new partnerships and/or consortia for project applications.
    • to facilitate the setup of Horizon2020 project consortia
    • to present, discuss and develop new project ideas at an international level
    • to initiate cross-border contacts
  • Participants will include:
    • Scientists and Primary Investigators (industry and academia)
    • Heads of R&D
    • Innovation officers
    • Government advisors
    • Public and private funding agencies

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Victor Hortaplein
1060 Brussel, Belgium

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Belgium 49
Croatia 1
Denmark 1
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Greece 2
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Netherlands 7
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